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Burning Revenge

GRA Torched Killer's House

The family of a murdered woman torched the confessed murderer’s house in the early hours of yesterday. This took place on Calle Capitán Casado in Pinos Puente.

Almuñécar Plenary Meeting


Almuñécar will ask the Junta to take into account its reports on the projected mussel farm rejecting its proposed location off the Punta de la Mona. The Town Halls wants a different, less prejudicial, location.

Fighting Unjust Demolition

They are innocent people who have bought their Spanish property in good faith, with all the correct documentation, having invested their life savings into their dream homes. Most of them are elderly.

Exploding Mattress

One can’t help but feel sorry for the German chap in our next story. He was in the process of moving into his new house and had absolutely no furniture. So, just as a temporary measure, he purchased an inflatable mattress to sleep on. However, on his return home and during the inflation period, he noticed that there was a puncture in his newly purchased bed.
The 41-year-old then decided that he really could not be bothered to return to the shop, so decided to effect a repair to the puncture with his industrial type puncture repair kit and sealant that is normally used on tyres. This is where things started to go horribly wrong.

House Insurance

In Spain the relationship between the insurance company and the insured is regulated by Law 8/1980 of the 8th October on insurance contracts.
When purchasing house insurance, there are several concepts that the buyer needs to keep in mind before choosing the most appropriate policy.