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Fitness Pills Overdose

By Vivienne Hughes

The death of a 28-year-old woman in Don Benito (Extremadura) was likely caused by an overdose in dietary tablets used in fitness training. »

Boy Killed by Pellet Gun

By Vivienne Hughes

A tragic accident took place in Coín, Málaga, when a boy died in an accidental shooting involving a pellet-gun on Wednesday evening. »

Swede Arrested over Death

By Vivienne Hughes

A Swedish man has been arrested in the Canary Islands, accused of killing his live-in partner. »

Jail Term in Ron Montero Case

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril law courts have sentenced the ex-Administrator of the Ron Montero rum distillery to 3-years imprisonment over the tragic fire in July 2015. »

One Death in Train Derailment

By Vivienne Hughes

There has been a train derailment in Cataluña leaving one person dead, three seriously injured and 41 with minor injuries. »

Police Deployment at Hospital

By Martin Myall

There was a commotion up at the Hospital Materno Infantil in Granada on Tuesday when two child doctors and a nurse were attacked. »

Fireworks Faux Pas

By Martin Myall

(DCU 11) There was no traditional firework display at the end of the Almuñécar San Miguel fiestas on the 28th of September, so the opposition party pounced. »

Deceased Englishman Found

By David Darby

The body of an Englishman was discovered this morning in a premises in La Herradura. The Almuñécar Policía Local were contacted by worried neighbours, who hadn't seen him for about a week. »

Minors No Minor Problem

By Hugh MacArthur

The Basque regional police have arrested two 14-year olds for the alleged brutal beating and subsequent deaths of an elderly couple in Otxarkoaga. »

Sierra Nevada Death

By Martin Myall

While Saturday the 30th was a busy day for the mountain rescue teams on Sierra Nevada, Sunday turned out to be a tragic one because of a death up there. »

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