Not A Happy Ending

MOT Dog Died in Flat FireThe Motril Policía Local attempted to resuscitate a dog that had been pulled out of a flat fire on New Year’s Eve but miracles are few and far between even at Christmas.

The fire took place in the morning in the Barrio Cerillo area of town and within moments both the Policía Local and the Motril fire service arrived to deal with it.

The owner, who was outside  in the street, frantically informed the fire personnel that her pet dog was still inside.

The fire was so intense that the police had to evacuate other flats in the building. In the meantime, the fire personnel located the dog in the woman’s flat and managed to bring him out whilst at the same time putting the flat fire out.

However, despite all attempts to resuscitate the unconscious dog, it died, there, at the scene.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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