Heart Attack at the Wheel

SPN Villena, AlicanteAround the middle of last month the Guardia Civil saved the life of a woman who had suffered a heart attack at the wheel with her young son onboard.

A patrol car was waiting at the traffic lights on the Avda. Constitución in Villena (Alicante) when they saw a car behaving erratically on the said junction. Furthermore, one of the passenger rear doors was flapping, open and closed.

After travelling several metres like this, the car collided with a parked vehicle.

Immediately a young lad of around 11 jumped out from the back and ran over the patrol car, babbling that his 53-year-old mother had been taken ill at the wheel and was now unconscious and that he was unable to wake her.

The police officers called for an ambulance and then one of them secured the area to prevent any further accidents whilst the other attended to the victim, managing to revive her from cardiopulmonary arrest by applying CPR procedure

Within minutes an ambulance had arrived and taken her to the Centro Sanitario Integrado in Villena, and from there after stabilising her condition, to Hospital de Elda.

(News: Villena, Alicante, Valencia)

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