Dam vs. Riverbed Wildlife

MOT Guadalfeo Riverbed, CanyonAn ecologist organisation complains that there is insufficient water being released down the Guadalfeo riverbed from the RulesDam. This, they point out, is detrimental to the flora and fauna along its course.

The dam, which is over 87% full (96 hectometres), by law must release a certain quantity of water down the riverbed to keep its biosphere alive and healthy.

For this reason Ecologistas en Acción find it incomprehensible that more water is not released – after all, its water is either released or it evaporates as it still has nowhere else to go.

According to the ecologist organisation, the law obliges the relevant administrations to release sufficient water to this end.

Unless more water is released, they claim, the slow drying up of the water cause could caused irrevocable damage to the wildlife and riverbank vegetation.

For example, an EU move is to reintroduce the European eel to rivers and streams, whose lifecycle includes stages in freshwater and seawater.

Putting wildlife in danger is punishable under Spanish Criminal Law Code, therefore, the administrative heads could logically be prosecuted, the ecologists consider.

However, and on the other hand, the decrease in water flow probably has something to do with the work being carried out to clear ramblas and other water courses of vegetation in order for them to be prepared for the autumn rains. The Junta had previously announced that a water-course clean up would begin in September.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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