Festival del Mar 2019

lhr-sea-festivalLa Herradura will be holding the VII Festival del Mar from the 27th to the 29th of this month, with the slogan, We Are The Sea.

The Head of the Asociación Amigos del Mar Costa Tropical, Anne Zipse, explained that we need the sea because it is the livelihood of many, yet the sea doesn’t need us. She likened the seas of our planet to the blood that courses through our veins. In short, we should take care of it.

Anne Zipse said that she was very pleased to announce this year’s events and emphasised that it would not be possible without the volunteers, who give up their time to this cause, despite having families to care for and work commitments.

She also pointed out that without the cooperation of the Town Hall their volunteer work would not be possible, either.

Lastly, she had words of gratitude for local businesses, like chiringuitos, that have provided 25 prizes for the raffle, to be held during the festival.

The Festival del Mar begins on the 27th at 09.00h and after the inauguration there will be gymkhana around the village with pupils from the CEIP Las Gaviotas participating.

Then on Saturday the 28th the organised activities will be more focused on adults with conferences and roundtable discussions etc in the Sala de Exposiciones Pepe Gámez, in the Centro Cívico.

Finally, on Sunday the 29th there will be activities for all the family on the beach, next to the lifeguard post, where there will be workshops and a small stage for an open-mike entertainment. There will also be a giant paella.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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