The PP Takes Motril

MOT Mayor & ex OnLJust a week after the municipal elections a preliminary deal has been struck between the PP and Ciudadanos which could give the mayoralty to the former.

Consequently, Luisa María García Chamorro could be sworn in for the second time as Mayor for Motril. On the previous occasion she had taken over when the then Mayor had stepped  down and she, as Vice Mayor, had occupied his position.

The PP candidate announced this on her facebook account yesterday morning.

Her party has eight seats and Ciudadanos has two, so that they will need a third party to form a coalition – the absolute majority is 13. This would be PMas, who hold three seats.

In the meantime the PSOE (socialists); i.e., the incumbent Mayor, Flor Almón, hasn’t given up hope but Ciudadanos holds the key in Motril. Without them, she only has six, Axsí has three, and IU two: 11 seats… two short.

So, unless Ciudadanos has a change of heart, the 15th of this month will see García Chamorro reoccupying the Mayor’s office in Motril.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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