Is It Worth The Hassle?

Friday, June 7, 2019
By Hugh MacArthur

AXA Anti Foreign SentimentAlcaucín in the Axarquia has a Belgian Mayor, Mario Blancke, there appears to be a movement to have a Spanish one.

This ‘sentiment’ is making the rounds on Whatsapp in the form of “We want a Mayor from Alcaucín and a governing council for here too” and “Foreigner go home!”

The Mayor from Belgium  isn’t very happy and interprets it as an anti-foreigner movement and above all an attack against his person. It is also making him rethink whether he wants to remain in politics or not.

This is a decision that he will have to make before the 15th which is when town halls all across Spain have to swear in their new councillors and mayor.

He considers that other political parties in the municipality have created an anti-foreigner current during the election campaign. One party used “We are Tiznaos; we’re from Alcaucín.” The said party, the PP, completely denies this accusation. In fact the party leader has condemned the Whatsapp messages circulating.

AXA Mayor Mario BlanckeThe situation there is that Mario Blancke representing Ciudadanos has four seats and the PSOE also has four. The PP has two, so they are the ‘king makers.’ It is precisely the PP that used the slogan about being local lads, so to speak. Their party leader, Domingo Lozano, is demanding an apology from Blancke for accusing him of ‘anti-foreigner bias,’ before he will entertain talks about forming a governing coalition.

There is one party, which holds just one seat (Por Mi Pueblo) but there vote is not decisive, because there are a total of eleven seats so you only need six to control the Town Hall.

So Mario, who has lived in Spain for the last 30 years, 17 of which in Alcaucín, is wondering whether it is all worth it, especially as he would have to eat humble pie and apologise to a party he considers has used underhand tactics against  him.

(News: Alcaucín, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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