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The PP Takes Motril

By Martin Myall

Just a week after the municipal elections a preliminary deal has been struck between the PP and Ciudadanos which could give the mayoralty to the former. »

No 2019 Budget for Motril

By Martin Myall

(COH 05C) The Mayor of Motril has begun the year with no approved budget for 2019. In fact the last one approved was for 2015. »

Motril Market Problems

By Vivienne Hughes

Meanwhile, over in Motril, the Partido Popular are demanding that the Mayor solves the cold-storage problem in the municipal market. »

Motril Roast Chestnuts Scandal?

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril IU and PP are revving up for some Christmas spirit and are throwing mutual accusations at each other. »

Motril Mines Reopened

By Louise Powell

The Mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, together with a gaggle of Town Hall officials, presided over the inauguration - or better said, second inauguration of the Centro Geominero del Cerro del Toro.. »

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