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PP Wins Motril Mayoralty?

By Martin Myall

Unless there are major surprises the PP candidate for Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro will be sworn in as Mayor of Motril on Saturday morning. »

The PP Takes Motril

By Martin Myall

Just a week after the municipal elections a preliminary deal has been struck between the PP and Ciudadanos which could give the mayoralty to the former. »

Nail Biting in Motril

By Martin Myall

It turns out that Motril's election balance might not be the final results; everything depends on what a judge decides on Wednesday morning. »

The Motril Conundrum

By Martin Myall

In Motril, the PP under Luisa García Chamorro (ex-mayor) was the most voted candidate, winning for her party eight seats on the Town Council. »

AxSí Shows The Way

By Martin Myall

It's nice to see that a political party makes the effort to remove all the election posters, etc, the day after election day. »

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