User 1 – Phone Company 0

ALP Yoigo Phone ShopNow this is going to warm you hearts! A telephone company has been fined for cutting somebody’s phone off. María Aurelia A.M. had her phone service cancelled back in 2015 and has been fighting ever since to get it back.

Her phone company, Yoigo, had cancelled her phone contract over an alleged breach of contract. She took them to court and won, so now Yoigo has to pay her 252 euros in compensation.

It was on the 21st of November, 2015, when this woman from the Alpujarras bought a new phone, opting for paying monthly instalments on top of the phone bill for it. This required a new contract, which she signed: 24 months at 21.12 euros added to her monthly bills.

However in January 2016 – two months later – she decided to pay for the phone in one go. The company, however, insisted that she still had to pay the monthly interest even though the capital had now been paid in a one-off payment – she refused and they cut her off in February that same year.

Despite not having a line anymore, she still received monthly bills for 10.09 euros (the interest on the phone purchase), so she took them to court in June last year. The judge decided in her favour and even ordered the phone company to restore her mobile connection as well as pay compensation.

The sentence wasn’t published until last November, yet even by the 20th of this month the phone company had still not restored service.

(News: Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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