Stones Thrown at Motorway Cars

AND Stones thrown from bridgeAfter eleven drivers on the A-7 had reported that they had received impacts from stones thrown from an overhead bridge, police opened an investigation.

The incidents had taken place between the last week of October and the beginning of November where the autovia passes through Rincón de la Victoria, near the on the Añoreta Golf Course.

They soon uncovered five suspects, four of whom are minors. They first indentified three minors, who had been present on the bridge at the time of the incidents, leading to the other two members of the same gang. However, it appears that just one of them had actually thrown the stones whilst the other had encouraged him.

In each case, not only did the cars receive damage to their windshields and paintwork, but the drivers had had to swerve, and in some cases, pull over onto the hard should to see what had happened.

(News: Rincon de la Victoria, Costa del Sol, Malaga)

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