Paseo del Altillo Work Begins

ALM Paseo Work 2018Work began on the Paseo del Altillo in Almuñécar just before All Saints but has been halted until Monday so as not to cause problems for visitors.

The work in question is as explained several months ago in the Seaside Gazette, an involves a roundabout where the side street leads to the Plaza de la Fabriquía, providing 2-way traffic. In other words, traffic heading towards El Peñón del Santo can carry on along Paseo Prieto Moreno or turn back at the new roundabout.

The original idea was to widen the Paseo Prieto Moreno allowing for 2-way traffic all the way to the Peñón but Costas wasn’t keen on the idea of widening the road and occupying part of the beach with a partially overhanging road.

So, we get just the first part, leading up to the soon-to-be roundabout where absent minded drivers can’t turn back if they missed the underground car-park entrance instead of having to drive all the way around town.

The work, said the Mayor, should be concluded by Christmas – she didn’t mention which… The budget is 180,000 euros, wholly from the municipal coffers.

As you can imagine, the opposition parties consider it unnecessary and a waste of money whilst some even consider that the Mayor is spending all this money so that when Semana Santa comes around they can erect the viewing stands half way between the roundabout and the entrance to the underground car park, where it used to be erected when the old paseo was still standing.

ALM Paseo Work 2018 02In other words, it’s part of the Partido Popular‘s wont for all things religious, like changing the name of the hill leading up from the Town Hall Square to the Church from Cuesta de la Iglesia (Church Hill) to the name of one of the Semana Santa brotherhoods – people still call it ‘Church Hill’ for obvious reasons ,no matter what the name on the street plaque says.

But back to the Paseo del Altillo, which took on its present form in 2006, so it’s barely twelve years old…

“The main fault that the paseo has is that you can’t see the sea, but there is nothing that can be done about that now,” said the Mayor, adding, ” but we have to solve important deficiencies and whilst we’re doing that we can give the paseo back a bit of the life that it lost when the old one went.”

As for accusations about squandering money needlessly, she said, “The Altillo isn’t undergoing work on a whim,” explaining that surveyor reports warn about filtrations from the gardens above down into the establishments below, as well as the fact that the cobbled, road surface is sinking in areas causing potholes, which, she claimed, was because they were wrongly laid.

So, brick, flower planters will disappear to make room for a wider road, and with them will vanish the water filtrations problem it is hoped. Finally, those drivers exiting the car park can use the roundabout to head back and then down the side of the paseo, if they want to go the the P-4, for example, rather than having to drive right around the town.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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