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New Almuñécar Taxi Rank

By Hugh MacArthur

One of the first decisions taken by the new Councillor for Citizen Safety & Transport, Paco Robles, was to open a new taxi rank in Almuñécar. »

Is It Really Necessary?

By Hugh MacArthur

Virtually a year ago the PSOE opposition party in Almulñecar said that the Paseo del Altillo needed to be sorted out but not the way the Mayor intended to. »

Paseo Work Drags On

By Martin Myall

(COH 08C) The Mayor of Almuñécar had promised that the work on the Paseo del Altillo road would be concluded by Christmas - she didn't mention which. »

Paseo Work Defended

By Martin Myall

The Secretary General for the PP in Almuñécar, Manuel Pérez, has defended the work being carried out on the Paseo del Altillo. »

Paseo del Altillo Work Begins

By Martin Myall

Work began on the Paseo del Altillo in Almuñécar just before All Saints but has been halted until Monday so as not to cause problems for visitors. »

Clobbered by a Strelitzia

By Hugh MacArthur

A couple had the fright of their lives whilst they were eating ice cream on bench on the Paseo del Altillolast Sunday - a tree fell on one them. »

Arrested Twice in 24 Hours

By Vivienne Hughes

The Almuñécar-based Guardia Civil arrested a young Moroccan individual twice in just 24 hours, for snatching a hangbag and stealing two mobiles from people. »

Altillo Work Starts in January

By Hugh MacArthur

(COE02) It was back in January 2015 that the Almuñécar Town Hall announced that it was going to undertake major work on the Paseo del Altillo - nothing happened. »

Almuñécar 2016 Medieval Fair

By Martin Myall

Almuñécar will hold a medieval fair entitled, Zoco Medieval de las Culturas during the Constitution Bank Holiday (December 3rd to 9th). »

Beach Botellones

By Martin Myall

For at least the last eight years Almuñécar's Paseo del Altillo has suffered botellones that go on well into the early hours, leaving a rubbish-strewn battleground. »

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