Motril’s Problematic Entrance Road

Some readers might remember when the N-340 went right through the centre of Motril; now the old course of the N-340 is known as the Avenida de Europa.

It must have been in 1982 that they built the long stretch of the N-340 between the first junction nearest Salobreña, right along over the port road before ending up at the last roundabout leading into the Varadero Trading Estate. It was a great relief because before this bypass was built all that summer traffic would stream down the Avenida de Salobreña, join the port road by the gasoline station and turn right along Calle Rodríguez Acosta, then known as the Almería road.

If you can remember how bad the N-340 was before the A-7 Autovia was opened with jams from Motril to Taramay in Almuñécar, then you can imagine what the centre of Motril was like in the late 70s and early 80s.

Anyway, all this is a preamble to the point in question; the westerly road into Motril from the N340, running past Al Campo. Two opposition parties consider that it is in a shameful state, together with the new barrio across the road from Al Campo where about 200 families live.

The new roundabout is an odd affair and fails miserably to solve the problem of drivers wanting to come out of the Al Campo exit near the gasoline station, where they have to turn right even if they want to go left. It was hoped that the Al Campo side would be directly accessible from the new shopping area where Burger King is, so that traffic could funnel out of the new roundabout.

It would have been so easy to eliminate the half-moon junction and turn it into a complete roundabout. Instead there is a new one further towards the N-340 where nobody quite knows how it works.

Locals want the zebra crossings to be humpbacked; i.e., elevated, because cars speed over them and you take your life into your  hands attempting to use one.

There is also the question of a lack of street lighting, some local residence consider.

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