Anarchist Bombers Arrested

The police in Murcia have arrested six people in connection with the possession of explosives and using them in acts of sabotage.

This group of anarchists had targeted high-tension pylons, water tanks, buildings and infrastructure in general, sometimes near roads and built-up areas.

This group arrest came after the single arrest of a suspect in June in Molina de Segura in Murcia for the manufacturing and use of nine explosive devices within an abandoned trading estate.

On that occasion the suspect was arrested with 25 kilos of material for the fabrication of explosives, mainly Ammonium Nitrate, kept in his home.

The second part of the police operation was this latest development involving the arrests of six suspects between the ages of 21 and 27. They had reportedly been engaged in exchanging advice and instruction on homemade explosives.
Their modus operandi involved black gunpowder and potassium chlorate using adapted butane bottles and fire-extinguisher canisters, packed with explosives and shrapnel.

(News: Murcia, Spain)

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