Fast Frenchman Fined

SPN Guardia Civil motorbike police 01The Guardia Civil traffic police fined a Frenchman who passed their patrol car doing 205 KPH on the A-52 Motorway in Galicia.

This occurred at 19.45h this Thursday past when the Frenchman, at the wheel of a Super-Sod-Off BMW, gleefully overtook the police car a full 85 KPH over the limit, bless his fast-&-furious socks.

The Gallic cruise missile received a 600-euro fine and lost six points off his not-so-sniggering licence. Of course, being a non-resident, Johnny Foreigner, he had to cough up on the spot.

Doing warp-factor six on a motorway is one thing, but actually overtaking a patrol car, no doubt waving as you pass, is just a little naughty.

It’s not every day that the Guardia Civil has so much fun…

(News: Galicia, Spain)

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