Illegal Street Hawking

SAL Illegal Street HawkingThe Salobreña branch of the opposition party, Ciudadanos, has denounced the “lack of action” by the ruling party concerning street hawking.

Party Coordinator, Plácido Leyva, reminds the Mayor that there are local bylaws that forbid such illegal sales, referring to Article 28 which “in the case of hawking without a municipal licence, the municipal police will immediately proceed to confiscate the merchandise.”

“Yet another year we see our streets and beaches occupied by hawkers, selling illegal products,” he complained. It’s not only a case of falsified brand names, but also drinks and food on the beaches without any health control.

He said that during the summer, as soon as the sun sets the beachfront road becomes a “macro-street market, taking up most of the pavement causing pedestrians to have to step down off the pavement into the road in order to pass them, he claims.

Finally, he considers it very unjust that business owners and market stallholders, who pay taxes and fees to use public space, are policed continually, yet these illegal blanket-top stalls are not disturbed.

Accordingly, Ciudadanos has met with the board of the Asociación de Comerciantes y Empresarios de Salobreña (ACESA) and expressed their support for local businesses whilst at the same time submitting an official request for the Town Hall to act.

Editorial comment: this is the case all over Spain, especially in Barcelona, for example, and you can be sure it is also the case in municipalities where Ciudadanos is a member of a coalition town council. This does not make what they are complaining about any less the truth, but it does make them somewhat hypocritical in their stance.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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