Salobreña Bickering

After the PP Salobreña opposition party’s gripe about the town’s sports facility, the Sports Councillor has SAL Polideportivo municipal (3)scathingly responded.

So, let’s do a quick rewind: the PP had sent out a press release to denounce the ‘dangerous’ state of the sports facilities: a chain link fence with a hole, a cement surround with a crack…

One could imagine that the planet was on the verge of a global cataclysm, but then again, that’s what opposition parties do; all of them.

So, the Councillor for Sports, Manuel Guirado, came back with accusations of irresponsibility by the PP Spokesman for causing “false alarm.” He went on to explain that three people are there, everyday, working on the upkeep.

He admitted, however, that some things did need replacing, amongst them the chain link fencing around the courts. He promised that it would be done before the year was out. The money was included in the Provincial Council’s 2015 Budge – 48,500 euros of which the Town Hall would cough up 35%. Something that the PP was well aware of, he considers.

As for the accusation that there was a danger from branches coming down off trees, he pointed out that public gardens and parks are closed to the public during excessively windy weather.

Well, all we can say is that it is a pity that opposition parties don’t spend as much time looking around town for defects when they are in power… and that goes for parties of all colours.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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