Too Many Cooks…

GRA Worker Overkill 01Do you sometimes get the impression that there are more workers standing around a hole in the road than are needed for the task at hand? Read on!

During a short video taken from a moving car as it was driven along Camino de Alfacar, in the city of Granada, somebody recorded no fewer than 52 workmen working along just one 200-metre stretch of pavement.

Now, this can be put down to a thing called PER, which is an employment plan where Town Halls have to provide temporary employment to locals. However, it gets to the ridiculous point where they have more workers on the payroll than work available.

In the case above, the City Council drew up a project for the construction of a pavement along the said road and do up a square (Plaza Garcilaso de la Vega). The City Council obtained a grant of 798,656 euros from the PFEA 2017 and put a further 78,183 euros to it.

It’s worth explaining that the PER is a programme to create employment for out of work rural workers. It is also worth noting that a good percentage of the workers have no knowledge whatsoever of building work so that a woman who works during the harvest in a fruit-sorting warehouse will find work with the Town Hall on a project to pave streets and squares.

In other words, you have 20 people working on a section of pavement where there are, let’s say three qualified builders aided by 17 people who have never laid a brick or pavement slab in their lives.

It’s a good scheme to provide work for people and pay them to do it, rather than to just pay them unemployment benefit whilst they sit at home, but on the other hand, you get surreal situations like the one in the video below.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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