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Moroccans Need Accommodation

By Hugh MacArthur

A group of 37 Moroccans gathered in the Town Hall Square in Motril yesterday to ask for accommodation from the Town Hall. »

Almuñécar’s Musical Squares

By Vivienne Hughes

The Banda Municipal de Música de Almuñécar brightened up Almuñécar’s squares on Monday the 21st of May. This is the second year running that the municipal brass band has done so, under the title of “We Bring the Music onto the Streets for You.’ Conducted by Manuel Vargas Gardón the band played, moving from... »

Too Many Cooks…

By Martin Myall

Do you sometimes get the impression that there are more workers standing around a hole in the road than are needed for the task at hand? Read on! »

Bad Timing for Pruning Trees?

By Hugh MacArthur

The chief opposition party in Almuñécar has denounced that the trees on the Friday-market square are being drastically cut back/pruned in Spring. »

Plaza de Joe Strummer

By David Darby

The rock legend that is Joe Strummer, frontman of the Punk Rock band The Clash, has had a square in the city of Granada named after him. »

Unwanted Wooden Paseo

By Martin Myall

The Town Hall has submitted a request to Costas (national coastal authority) for the dismantling and removal of the wooden square, which is all that remains of the pier and promenade that once adorned the Paseo Andrés Segovia. »

Square Improvements

By Dave Nichols

Mayor has announced a ‘re-beautification’ of the square around the old City Hall, up in the Old Town. »

Mesón Magic

By David Darby

Alex at the fabulous Meson in the town hall square, Almuñécar tells me he is now offering a menu del dia consisting of a choice of 2 starters, a choice of 2 mains, dessert, one drink and coffee, all at just €9.50 with IVA included. »

Square Anger

By David Darby

Locals are not very happy with how the central square, La Plaza de San José turned. »

We Want a Square!

By Martin Myall

Meanwhile, over in the thriving metropolis of Mólvizar, the village stray dog was reported to have stood up, yawned twice, stretched before lying back down again and going back to sleep – the locals are exhausted by all this activity. »

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