Guilty of Animal Cruelty

GRA Horse Starved to DeathA man from Maracena received a 9-month suspended sentence for letting his horse die from thirst and hunger. He has also been barred from working with or possessing animals for a period of two years.

However, it is not a firm sentence as he has the right to launch an appeal, which he has.

The case is based on an incident from October 2016 when the man ran a horse-breeding farm where he simply abandoned one of the animals in his charge, denying food and water.

The horse had previously been sold, but the purchaser had returned the animal, apparently in a state that did not favour it for further sale. As a result, the owner simply put the horse out on some waste land and left it there without any care.

The health of the horse deteriorated so much that it finally was incapable of moving, let alone standing. Finally, it had to be put down.

The man claimed, in his defence, that the horse no longer belonged to him, as he had sold it to a man in Loja, although he admitted that the horse had been returned to his farm when he was not present. He deduced, he said, that the horse had escaped which was why it was on the wasteland. In other words, the animal had nothing to do with him.

The judge did not accept this reasoning, considering it “not credible.” In fact, he concluded, “It is a clear case of the deliberate and conscious abandonment of a domestic animal, which having reached the end of its service life stopped being of use.”

Editorial note: I shall never understand how a barring in such a case is not permanent. How can a person ever be trusted with the care of another animal again?

(News: Maracena, Vega de Granada, Andalucia)

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