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Parking Rebels

By Martin Myall

The ban on parking on the edge of the beach on Playa Poniente is resulting in a clash between administrations and skirmishes with rebel parkers. »

Parking, Fines & Fallout

By Martin Myall

With summer just begun the parking crisis down on Playa Poniente is heating up with exchanges between Costas and the Town Hall. »

Motril Air Display 2019

By Louise Powell

The XIV Festival Aéreo Internacional de Motril is just around the corner; an event that will attract tens of thousands of spectators. »

Beach Flasher Sentenced

By Vivienne Hughes

A young man has been sentenced to a 9-month, suspended imprisonment sentence for indecent exposure on a Motril beach. »

San Juan in Motril

By Louise Powell

Tomorrow, starting at 22.30h on Playa del Cable, there will be a foam party next to the Globoflexia (balloon modelling) stalls. There is also a bouncy castle and other kiddie activities. »

Big Playa Poniente Plans

By Martin Myall

The Motril Town Hall has come up with a plan to build underground car parks - three in fact - down on Playa Poniente. »

Charity Beach Gig

By Martin Myall

There will be a charity gig down on Playa Poniente in Motril on the 22nd of July at Chiringuito Sunahra Beach to obtain needed articles for the home, Jesús Abandonado. »

Where Are The Lifeguards?

By Martin Myall

Amazing as it might seem, given the date and weather, Motril’s beaches were without lifeguards and warning flags for the first week of July. »

Repetitive Storm Damage

By Martin Myall

It happens every year; winter, autumn and spring, beaches all along the Costa Tropical are eaten away by wind and wave action. »

Playa Poniente Flooded

By Hugh MacArthur

Playa Poniente in Motril has always been a problem as far as flooding goes; as soon as there is a gale, the sea comes in a swallows it up. »

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