Where Are The Lifeguards?

SAL Beach Volunteers OnLAmazing as it might seem, given the date and weather, Motril’s beaches were without lifeguards and warning flags for the first week of July.

So what was the problem? Paper-shuffling, left-in-the-lurch syndrome and caught-off-guard-ism.

The Town Hall obviously had tried to hire lifeguards for the summer season but paperwork in Spain moves with the speed of a striking sloth and the reactions of a dead rattlesnake. The Spanish say, “cosas del palacio mueven despacio,” after all.

There is, at present, no company providing lifeguards because the company that did have the contract renounced it on the 30th of June; in other words, they day before the service was to begin. Vaya faena!

The Vice-Mayor, who is also in charge of beaches, Alicia Crespo, said as a result had to quickly offer the contract to the runner up in the bid; none other than Cruz Roja (Spanish Red Cross). This caught them by surprise, right in the middle of sorting out their commitments elsewhere and thus scrabbling to organise the human and material resources for the job.

As a result, it is hoped that from between the 15th and 17th of July, the Red Cross lifeguards will be on duty on Motril’s beaches, Playa Granada and Playa Poniente.

Between now and then, volunteers, numbering between 15 and 18, people, have come forward, so you should be able to count on somebody pulling you out of the drink, if you spring a leak.

Sra. Crespo describe the lifeguard-less week as sabbati horribilis (horrible week).

Salobreña has had a few problems, as well, because the lifeguards who were not selected lodged an appeal, which delayed the service coming into effect so that lifeguards were not available until the 29th of June, but the Town Hall’s problems still weren’t over. Oh, no!

They were missing a report that confirms that the selected lifeguards didn’t have criminal records… before you cry, “don’t you just love bureaucracy?” and “What were the pen-pushing office fauna in Sevilla worried about; that the lifeguards would go out of their way to drown people?” let us explain.

Such a document is indispensable when working with minors, so you can’t complain about that. What you can complain about is that this document was not obtained long before the summer season began.

Anyway, Salobreña now has a herd of lifeguards and Motril is in the commendable hands of volunteers until Cruz Roja can slap some lifeguards on the beaches, como Díos manda.

(News: Motril/Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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