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What’s on in April

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Here are a few articles about what’s going on during Semana Santa, for example; who’s doing what, as well as information from our readers on Acompalia and Red Cross Telecare

Red Cross Over Stretched

La Cruz Roja has put out a call for help to deal with ‘an avalanche of poverty on the Costa Tropical. This organisation already provides supplies and help for 5,000 families in need and now finds itself overwhelmed and in need of funds.

Motril Social Associations Fair

The Vice Mayor for Social Action (Where do they get these titles?), Ángeles López Cano has officially presented the upcoming VII Feria de Asociaciones, which will be held on the 20th of June in the Plaza de España

Red Cross Help

La Caixa, with a budget for 2011 of half a billion euros, offers various programs around Spain with the aim of combating poverty.