Drink Driving Summer Traffic

AND Breathalyser TestThe summer’s here, the roads are clogged and it’s thirsty weather: bad combination, so here’s three cases of drivers choosing booze, not water, to quench their thirst.

Let’s start in the centre of Motril where the police caught a lorry driver speeding through town. When they breathalysed him, they found that he was eight times over the limit – that’s the alcohol limit, in case you’re wondering whether we were referring to the speed limit…

It was one fine Thursday and the clock cheerfully marked eight in the evening when the north of Motril was unzipped by a lorry zipping through it.

A local had phoned it to say that there was an articulated lorry bombing along Calle Cuevas – quite apart from the fact of how it was being driven, you simply can’t drive that size beastie through that area – it’s against the law. And here’s why, whilst negotiating a junction he wiped out signposts etc.

The police, keen to meet the driver, waved him down and seeing the driver bent upon appearing sober, but giving a star performance of the opposite, they breathalysed him.

And there it was; a reading eight times higher than the 0.15 mg/l permitted for professional drivers. He was arrested with alacrity.

But let’s move on because the Guardia Civil stopped a driver on the N-323 (old Costa-Granada road) at 18.30h on Sunday the 9th. He was so over the limit that he was on the threshold of alcohol poisoning and an alcoholic coma.

He had 1.43 mg/l in his lungs; that’s 2.88g in a litre of blood. If that isn’t clear then this will clinch it – it was the equivalent to having slung back ten gin and tonics.

Which brings us to the final case, just two hours after the lorry incident in Motril, a woman drove into and knocked over two lampposts in Cenes de la Vega. The police breathalysed her and she gave a reading of nearly four times over.

And that ends our drink-driving round up for last week…

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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