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Motril Vadillo Project

The Motril trading estate, el Vadillo, has entered Phase Two of its revamp project and accordingly had a whole gaggle of politicians posing for photos down there.

Vega Solar Lighting

The Maintenance Department of Almuñécar Town Hall has provided a spot of vega lighting on the lanes behind the N-340 gasolinera… And they’re solar powered!

Car Rams Bar Terrace

A driver fell asleep at the wheel of his car in the centre of Torre del Mar and rammed an outside bar terrace last Sunday. Fortunately, the bar was closed so the terrace was empty, as it was in the early hours.

Electrocuted Whilst Urinating on Lamppost

An 18-year-old man died, electrocuted, as a consequence of urinating on a lamppost during the local fiestas in Bunyola in Majorca. The incident occurred at the beginning of September at twenty-to-one in the morning. Although an ambulance crew arrived almost immediately, owing to the fiestas having extra medical measures assigned, they could do nothing for…

Litter Assessment

The Almuñécar Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón explained that after a detailed study concerning litter, his department had reorganized the distribution of litter bins – gripping stuff!

Gum Lampposts

The leader of the Almuñécar branch of the PSOE, Francisco Prados, was impressed by how some British towns tackle used chewing gum; he would like to use it here… the system; not the used chewing gum.