Pie Man on the Roof

SPN Drunk on roofAn unusual drink-drive incident took place in Salceda de Caselas (Galicia) when the police had cause stop a car with a man lying on the roof.

The incident took place at 07.30h on a Saturday morning in May when the Guardia Civil suspected that something unorthodox was happening when they spied a happy gentleman on the roof holding a large pie in his arms – they were keen to find out why.

The 26-year-old driver was breathalyzed and was found to be over the limit. The police report does not mention whether the ‘roof attachment’ or his pie were in the same condition.

Besides being charged with drink-driving, he was also charged with dangerous driving.

On a more positive not, the pie, although a bit jittery from the ordeal, was probably quite tasty.

Editorial comment: news is a bit slow this morning… Does it show?

(News: Salceda de Caelas, Pontevedra, Galicia)

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