Unwanted Mussels Muscling in

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
By Martin Myall

ALM Mejillon Project OnLLa Herradura really doesn’t want the mussel farm just off Punta de la Mona – nor does Almuñécar, as the Mayor is keen to point out.

You see, the Mayor, in the name of Almuñécar, is pushing the beaches of both towns as a prime tourist attractions so mussel-farming installations just off one of the most beautiful headlands on the coast is, without doubt, a blight on the landscape.

“I make it known my complete rejection of the mussel-farm installation, because it is an area of so much natural beauty and we really don’t need a floating platform a few metres from the beach,” she said – sock it to ’em, Trini!

The Town Hall has been bombarding the Junta with reasons not to allow the company to set up shop there, quoting environmental concerns (residuals) as well as aesthetic reasons (bloody eyesore).

She has also brought up the subject of the new law governing beaches where all nautical business (surfing, kayaks, jet-skis, etc) should be moved to the very ends of each beach – La Herradura is a case in point.

“This law has not been drawn up with bad intention but it really should take into account the characteristics of each beach,” she reasoned.

She was referring to the case of Windsurfing in La Herradura, which has been where it is for 40 years but would have to move to a rocky end of the beach, totally unsuitable for launching craft – quite apart from the fact that both ends of La Herradura beach are already occupied by chiringuitos, making the obligatory move impossible, meaning that they would simply have to shut down.

(News: La Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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