Two Germans Arrested

GRA 2 Germans Arrested OnLTwo German citizens were arrested in the north of the city of Granada and charged with being in possession of several kinds of illegal substances (speed & crystal meth).

The provincial Drugs Squad had received a tip off that individuals would be bringing a consignment of drugs into the city distributing it themselves. They also knew what type of car to look for.

They intercepted and searched a car containing two people. Inside the vehicle they found just over a kilo of methamphetamine in crystalised rock form.

They also confiscated 2,390 euros in cash, two large knives and two 5-litre containers of methanol, which could be used in the creation of drugs in a laboratory.

With this find they immediately arrested the two men. Then with a search warrant they inspected the hotel room where the men had been staying and found another 2,156 grammes of methamphetamine, 995 grammes of amphetamine and 40 grammes of hashish.

The room also contained five kilos of caffeine, several bottles of liquid, amongst which was sulphuric acid and methanol. Lastly, the police also confiscated precision scales and other equipment for packaging doses.

The German visitors were then given free food and accommodation in a secure setting.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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