No Name Gets Name

LHR New Street OnLYou might remember the reader’s letter that we received concerning a street in La Herradura that had no official name? Well there are developments.

The said street, located in Carmenes del Mediterraneo, sort of, has received the name Calle Doctor Ángel Galdo Seco; a community-active resident in La Herradura, or better said, a summer resident of the village.

The said doctor was the organizing force behind the La Herradura Across-The-Bay swimming competition as well as the Asociación Amigos de la La Herradura.

The unveiling of the street-name plaque took place during the village fiestas, thus the Mayor announced, a historic debt had been repaid to the goodly doctor.

Now, our reader’s letter author, Cees Geuzebroek, will have no need of the following explanation but for the rest of us, Calle Doctor Ángel Galdo Seco is located between Barranquillo and Maravillas Sur

A bit of background info on the Doctor: born in 1923, he graduated in 1951 at the University of Granada, and then practiced in two of the city’s main hospitals in high up administrative positions.

LHR NoName Street OnLHe first visited La Herradura in 1960 and immediately fell in love with the village and regularly spent holiday periods there. Remember, in those days to journey down to the coast was a 3-day camel trek and a packed lunch… if you were lucky!

By 1968 he had bought a summer residence in the village – probably sick and tired of camels – on the Maravillas hill. He’s never missed a summer visit since then.

It was in 1970 that he organized the first bay-swim and actively participated as well – he was still churning water at the age of 85!

So, there you have it; the street now has a name, and a damned good one!

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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