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Out of the Blue

By Hugh MacArthur

A 16-year-old girl was injured when a 10-year-old ficus tree in the Plaza de Santo Domingo in Murcia literally collapse around her. The fallen boughs and branches weighed around 12 tonnes. »

Small is Beautiful

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Traditional vaccines take a long time to produce in large amounts no matter if they are ‘tamed’ live-vaccines or dead-microbe vaccines. This is a particular problem when epidemics emerge suddenly. »

Wine Wonders

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Many observational studies have shown that moderate alcohol drinkers have lower rates of diabetes and cardiovascular problems than do nondrinkers or heavy drinkers. »

Learning & Education

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

“Joshua, the Doctor is here to give you your vaccination..." – instant howling from the background from the 6-year-old in question. »

No Name Gets Name

By Martin Myall

You might remember the reader's letter that we received concerning a street in La Herradura that had no official name? Well there are developments! »

Here We Go Again

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

The new year and a good old cold… We hope you have recovered enough from welcoming this new and unique 2016 – let it be a healthy, happy and successful one. Be aware that it’s not the stars but the mind which determines this. And the mind needs – Sleep! Previous research has suggested... »

Doctor Alice Moves

By Martin Myall

Doctor Alice Lauboeck has moved her Motril surgery to a new location, which is more spacious and easier to find: up from the Al Campo roundabout, following the hospital road. »

Doctor Benavides

By Martin Myall

Juan Carlos Benavides, the person who has occupied Mayor's seat in Almuñécar more than any other, announced that he is going back to being a doctor. »

Adam & Eve

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

The next paradise will be without men »

Ice-Cream, You Scream – Everybody Takes Statins

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Axel HeaderDetermining whether statins (cholesterol-lowering-medicines) are responsible for non-specific aches and pains can be difficult, especially in elders. »

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