Burglar Caught Red-Handed

ALM Cotobro Burglary OnLThe municipal police in Almuñécar have arrested a 25-year-old man who was caught inside his victim’s flat.

OK, so it’s allegedly, but when you’re found in somebody else’s house wearing a striped T-shirt, a flat cap and a Lone-Ranger mask, not to mention a sack with the word “swag” printed on it…

Anyway… A.M.R. was found in a 1st-floor flat on the Paseo de Cotobro

According to the local police chief, Manuel Ledesma, the arrest took place this weekend past and resulted from an urgent call from an alarmed neighbour.

A patrol car whistled round to check out the apartment and from out in the corridor the policemen could hear loud noises coming from within.

Luckily one of the neighbours had a set of keys to the apartment so the police were able to sneak in and surprise the said gentleman with a penchant for adjacent possessions.

The policemen shouted out, “Halt, it’s the police!” but instead of replying “It’s a fair cop, Guv,” he shot out of the sliding balcony window, which had been forced to gain access – is nothing sacred?

Unfortunately, another policeman was standing below the balcony and he almost fell into the keen policeman’s arms.

He was first taken to the Centro Médico to prove that he had not been bent out of shape by police handling, and then was taken to the police station. They looked up his police record and discovered, with delight, that he has eleven previous arrests and 34 offenses on his sheet.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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