Looming Eviction, Continued

LHR Carmenes from above OnLI would like to respond that myself, Linda Walsh, was given the order to quit now and had to virtually beg for a weeks notice.

No accommodation was offered or expenses to cover the move. On our return we contacted the two presidents and have decided to stay as our house is not in danger.

It is the wall belonging to ourselves and the community that has been in danger of falling for the last 14 years. Even if the wall cracked it would do so slowly and the house would not collapse suddenly as the town hall has stated.

There have been quite a few eviction notices given over the past 4 years and have been ignored by other residents who have remained in their houses.

It is particularly interesting to note that the elections are coming up and no-one wants this problem on their watch.

If the 4-million euro that was promised (we have won two court cases) was issued to us the steel supports that would be put in front of our houses would go a long way to prevent the mountain pushing our houses forward. But of course everyone is still stalling and the mountain does not stay still .

I have had work done on the underneath of my house and it is the opinion of the people who are most familiar with it that the house is in very little danger and hadn’t even got a crack inside.

This high-handed attitude by the Town Hall is one of bully boys taking on those they think they can dispose of easily. However, as a community we will not be railroaded that easily and will fight for our rights and our hard-earned money that the cavalier attitude of the developers, Town Hall and especially the Junta can dismiss so happily.

I have contacted three of our Irish MEPS in the European Parliament and I intend to pursue this with the Irish Embassy in Madrid.

I would also like to comment that the two parallel court cases (i.e. aval and mercantile) in different courts have seemingly let the main culprits dismantle their companies and hide assets.

There is a willingness to rectify the situation by the various administrations but there is no urgency whatsoever and they continue bickering one with the other.

It is implied in the eviction notice that I will have to pay for the fencing off etc. which under the circumstances is unacceptable. This whole sorry mess should be coordinated by central government.

Editorial comment: This second letter (in reality two different emails) was received before our publishing of the press release from the Town Hall. Therefore the request by the Town Hall to the Provincial Council for the use of the Turismo Tropical complex on the Paseo de San Cristóbal was not known to Linda. As to the said petition, there has been no word back from the Provincial Council

Lastly, as of the time of the publishing of this article, there has been no eviction action.

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