Alsina Bus Stop Improvements

Photo: infocostatropical

Photo: infocostatropical

The Mayor of Salobreña, Maria Eugenia Rufino, has several projects in the pipeline and one of them concerns the town’s pitifully inadequate bus stop arrangement – there is no bus station, only a bus shelter and a permanently closed ticket office.

The cunning plan involves the use of a little-used yard belonging to the Instituto Segalvina (high school).

The Mayor needs permission from the Ministry of Education and the go-ahead from the head teacher at the said high school.

Using this extra space, toilets and a shaded area can be provided for waiting bus passengers, as well as a new ticket office – hopefully open all year, and not just the summer months.

Apparently funds and builders have already been found; i.e., the PFEA agricultural employment programmme.

It is important to point out, mind, that when speaking of ‘funds’ we shouldn’t confuse ‘found’ with ‘obtained,’ because the money will be coming from the Junta, if they agree, but with the elections just around the corner, there shouldn’t be a problem as the Junta and the Town Council are governed by the same political party.

As for the long awaited bus station, the Mayor said that the town needs to prepare the site’s infrastructure: water, sewage, electricity and roads, because nothing is going to happen until this is completed. The previous administration spoke of doing this but didn’t have the funds.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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