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Pupil Stabs Teacher over Exam

By Martin Myall

It's that time of year when high-school exams are taking place across the nation; plenty of nail biting but what happened in Valencia is something else. »

Obstinate Costas

By Martin Myall

On Monday the first of October, heavy machinery will start ripping up La Herradura's sports area on the beach unless Costas has a change of heart before then. »

Alsina Bus Stop Improvements

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor, Maria Eugenia Rufino, has several projects in the pipelines and one of them concerns the town's pitifully inadequate bus stop arrangement »

Crossbow Killing

By Martin Myall

A 13-year-old high-school student, armed with his father's crossbow, allegedly went on a rampage at his school, killing one and wounding four. »

New Bridge Railings

By Martin Myall

The railings along the small bridge, just past the Almuñécar Antigua High School, have been replaced. We're talking about the short bridge of the Barranco del Noy. »

High School Renovations Finished

By Editor

I.E.S. Antigua Sexi gets a face lift on for its 40th birthday »

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