La Herradura Business Fair

LHR Business Fair OnLThe Herradura Asociación de Comerciantes has given an up-beat reaction to the recently held local businesses fair.

Despite the first day of the fair coinciding with the power cut and organizational problems, the turnout by tourists and residents was encouraging.

Although this was the fourth year that the fair has been held, it was the first one with the participation of the ACAP-LH (Asociación de Comerciantes, Artesanos y Profesionales de La Herradura) in the event organization.

“Perhaps as a product of this inexperience we have had some mix ups and gaps in the organization, but we have taken this on board and are keen to work on next year’s event,” admitted the Chairwoman of the ACAP-LH, Encarna Garciolo.

“In the association there are 86 businesses and not all of them could be fitted in. We hope we can improve and iron out problems for next year,” she added.

The ACAP-LH, which came into being last year, aims to defend the interests of local businesses, defending those that pay their taxes and generate employment in La Herradura. This fair is just one of several activities that are carried out during the year.

The next event on their agenda could be a street market that will be held at the beginning of September on Plaza Nueva.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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