Kidnapping in Dúrcal

AND Durcal GasolineraThe Guardia Civil managed to free two young men who had been snatched in a park in Dúrcal, Monday the 15th at midday by a drugs gang and bundled into waiting cars.

The police action also ended with the arrest of six individuals between the ages of 18 and 33, all from Granada or Alhendín.

The gang of kidnappers had demanded 20,000 euros from them as they considered them responsible for a robbery that had been carried out on their illegal cannabis plantation in Dúrcal last month.

The gang had arrived in two cars and had grabbed the two victims from the Parque de La Estación. They were beaten and thrown into the boots of the cars and driven to Granada.

Trouble was that they hadn’t searched the victims and one of them managed to text his brother to alert the police. He also gave them make, model and colour of the cars, even including one of the number plates.

By 15.30h the brother had contacted the Guardia Civil post in Armilla, giving them the content of the text message and information given in a subsequent call from the kidnappers, arranging a rendezvous with one of the victim’s brother for the first payment; a gasoline station in Dúrcal.

The Guardia mobilized all their patrol cars and alerted the Policía Local in Dúrcal, giving them the information on the suspects cars.

Around 16:45h one of the cars turned up at the service station with two of the kidnappers and one of the victims. The police pounced and arrested the suspects.

The rest of the patrol cars combed Dúrcal looking for the second car with the remaining three kidnappers and the other victim. They spotted the car driving down the Avenida del Sur in Dúrcal at 17.40h and arrested the occupants.

After a brief interrogation the police obtained the name of the plantation owner and arrested him two, making a total of six arrests.

(News: Durcal, Granada, Andalucia)

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