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Car Fire A-44 Near Dúrcal

By Vivienne Hughes

A mechanical fault caused a car on the A-44 to catch fire, requiring the presence of the fire service and Guardia Civil traffic police. »

Running for Cancer Charity

By Martin Myall

Two brothers began a long-distance run today from Loja's Plaza de la Victoria to Salobreña, arriving tomorrow in support of the AECC to raise funds. »

Dúrcal Let Down

By Hugh MacArthur

Dúrcal woke one Sunday morning to find over a dozen cars with their tyres punctured - nice way to start the day if you're in a rush! »

Dúrcal Murder Reverberations

By Vivienne Hughes

The murder of a young woman in Dúrcal has brought the issue of gender violence to the forefront. All over the province and even further afield, there have been numerous protests and condemnation issued by town halls. »

Antique Firearms Confiscated

By Hugh MacArthur

A 65-year-old Dúrcal local was arrested after it was discovered that he had several unlicenced firearms in his house. »

Padul Mayor Burgled

By Hugh MacArthur

Padul has been suffering a wave of break-ins & robberies, and not just nocturnal ones because one even occurred at eleven in the morning. »

Durcal, Órgiva Salobreña Bust

By Hugh MacArthur

Fifteen people were arrested after being netted in the police anti-drugs-&-money-laundering operation, Cartusian, one of whom was from Salobreña. »

The Violet Revolution

By Martin Myall

The turn out for the International Women's Day in Spain was overwhelming, leaving the rest of the Western World amazed. »

Explosion in Dúrcal

By Martin Myall

Several people have been injured by an explosion in a butcher’s shop in Durcal (Valle de Lecrín) yesterday, Monday the 3rd. »

Ecology & Well-Being Fair

By Vanessa Bosch

The Durcal Alternative Festival, Al-Andalus, which promotes ecology and well-being, will be held on the weekend of the 15th & 16th. »

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