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Kid Kidnapper Nabbed

By Martin Myall

(DCU02) A 33-year-old man from Píñar was arrested on charges of theft and animal cruelty and then there's the little affair of 106-cannibis plants in his house... »

Brit Arrested over Drugs

By Hugh MacArthur

The police in Alicante rumbled a shipment of drugs coming through the Alicante-Elche Airport, consisting of a new kind of synthetic cannabis-based drug. »

Arms and Drugs Bust

By Editor

The Policía Nacional in Motril have arrested six men, age between 21 and 53, over a cannabis plantation on a cortijo on the outskirts of Motril. »

Bad Barrio

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional in Motril arrested three people and confiscated cocaine and nearly 300 cannabis plants in the Barrio de Huerta Carrasco. »

The Alpujarra Crafty Crop

By Martin Myall

Guardia Civil units deployed in La Alpujarra have carried out 21 raids so far this year and confiscated 1,200 cannabis sativa plants. »

Kidnapping in Dúrcal

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil managed to free two young men who had been snatched in a park in Dúrcal, Monday the 15th at midday by a drugs gang and bundled into waiting cars. »


By David Darby

Journalists have been flocking to Fanny's Farm in Surrey in the UK over the past few days… all because of the story about a flock of sheep who discovered some abandoned drugs and managed to get themselves high. »

Hashish and Xmas Raffles

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil has arrested a man in El Padul for running an indoor hashish plantation with 700 plants. They also came across a Christmas raffle in which the prize was a cannabis plant... »

Spain Heads Cocaine Users

By Martin Myall

It's not very often that we come out in number one slot, so even if it is for a negative reason, it's worth celebrating. Spain has the highest percentage of cocaine and cannabis users in Europe. »

Cake Intake Mistake

By Editor

Seven youngsters ended up in hospital after eating a cannabis-laced cake. The girl who cooked it, who also needed medical attention, was not held in custody but released pending trial, although the judge decided soon after to drop the charges. »

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