Jacques van de Spiegle

Dear Dave,

I hope you could help me. Since 25th March 2015, I have been trying to get an answer from the officials of the municipal Almuñécar. But they don’t answer my mail.

I’ve already sent a letter to his address, but the letter came back: address unknown.

That’s the reason that I send you an email, I don’t know what else I can do.

I’ll tell you what it’s about.

My name is Jaap Bijl. I’m living in the Netherlands. I am making an historical inquiry about the Second World War in the region in which I was born.

I was for a long time searching for the radio-operator who was working with his transmitter on the Island where I was borne. The Island is the Hoeksche Waard south of Rotterdam. Jacques Paul Louis VAN DE SPIEGLE was coming on the Island with a crossing (of the River with divided Canadians and Germans). He was working for the first Canadian Army and than worked for them with resistance groups to receive vital information about the German military strength on the Islands and send this to the Canadians He was transmitting on occasion to an airplane which flew over. He did this transmitting from 20 November1944 till 10 May 1945.

He originally came from Belgium.

There is information about him in the National Archive in Great Britain (Kew, near London). But this file is close, because they don’t know if he is dead or alive.

When he is dead and I can get de date of his death (in an official paper) they will open the file for me.

I understood from an book in the Netherlands that Jacques van de Spiegle after the war lived in Spain. I received from Belgium this address: Almunecar, Apartado 150. I sent him a Letter, but the Letter came back, because the address was probably wrong.

I have the following information about him: Jacques Paul Louis VAN DE SPIEGLE – was born 12.02.1923 in Brussel.

If Jacques is dead, the date of death and where he’s buried would be very helpful for me (in an official document).

If he’s still alive and living in your town, will you let me know. Can you find out if his address (Almunecar, Apartado 150) is right or wrong. If it’s wrong I hope it is possible that you can find his present address or you give him (or his relatives) my address and email-adress.

I very much hope that you can help me out or bring me in contact with someone who can!

Regards, drs. Jaap Bijl, Holland.

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