Car Park Company Sues Almuñécar

ALM Market 07 OnLHermanos Garcia Motril is taking the Almuñécar Town Hall to court for nearly ten million euros in damages, after nearly two years of the Market underground car park being closed.

This news was made public by PA Candidate for Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides, whose previous administration leased the running of the said car park to Hermanos Garcia Motril.

The fact is that HGM didn’t want to continue with the lease and the Town Hall didn’t want them to, either, but like in many divorce cases, it’s the terms of the settlement where divergence begins: neither party wants to figure as the cause of the rupture.

So, HGM claim that the Town Hall broke the terms of the lease whilst the Town Hall claims that it was HGM who broke them.

Consequently, HGM is demanding via a judicial decision that the Town Hall recognises that it was not the company’s fault and should consequently reimburse the company all of the money that it spent on the facilities, plus damages.

According to Sr. Benavides, the Mayor is trying desperately to delay a court decision until after the local elections, because she knows that the Town Hall will lose the case.

Editorial Comment: There is no doubt that this whole thing has been mismanaged by all parties; one should not forget that the building is in such a lamentable state in the first place because it was a bodged construction, and that is something that Sr. Benavides cannot deny as it was one of his previous administrations that built it.

Yet, the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, can be plausibly accused of politiqueo (manipulation for political considerations), resulting in this vital car park being closed for two years, with all the resultant loss of trade not only for stall holders, but also all the businesses in the market area.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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