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Vélez-Benaudalla Bar Fight

By Hugh MacArthur

Two men were injured in a bar fight in Vélez Benaudalla in the early hours of Saturday the 11th. »

Chico The Border Collie

By Martin Myall

It was on the 10th of February, 2017 that Chico, (a Border Collie) strayed onto a neighbour's land in Monachil and was shot by the owner. »

Reluctant Town Hall Fined

By Hugh MacArthur

The Town Hall for Polopos-La Mamola has been fined 71,000 euros for failing to act against a noisy establishment over a long period of time. »

Mayor of Almuñécar Responds over Lawsuit

By Martin Myall

Mayor Trinidad Herrera of Almuñécar, upon hearing of a law suit lodged by Hermanos Garcia S.L, has given her side of the story. »

Car Park Company Sues Almuñécar

By Martin Myall

Hermanos Garcia Motril is taking the Almuñécar Town Hall to court for nearly ten million euros in damages, after nearly two years of the Market underground car park being closed. »

The Wall of Lamentations

By Hugh MacArthur

When a wall belonging to the City Hall of Granada collapsed, damaging a car besides it, they argued that it was badly parked... However, the judge didn't agree. »

Carmenes del Mar Trial Postponed

By Hugh MacArthur

The trial date finally came around for the Carmenes del Mar affair on the 23rd in Motril but the judge decided on a 15-day postponement. »

Yes, But No

By Martin Myall

A judge has ordered the City Hall of Granada to pay out 2,500 euros in damages, after a woman tripped over the stump of a missing road sign. The victim had asked for 5,000 but the judge considered the accident was her fault too. »

Blasting Boob

By Vanessa Bosch

People were astounded to hear that workers on the high-speed-train line outside Loja managed to seriously weaken a standard railway bridge during blasting operations. »

Fire and Retribution

By Editor

Do you remember the fire that broke out and destroyed much of the Sierra Nevada national park on the Lanjarón side? Oh, come on; you must do! »

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