El Pequeño Nicólas

SPN Little Nick2 OnLThe article headline is the nickname that a 20-year old is known by in the Spanish press and media in general. His full name is Francisco Nicolás Gómez Iglesias.

People know where Nicolás is from – Madrid – but everybody is asking how the hell he managed to get his photo taken with top politicians and even shook hands with the King Felipe VI at his recent coronation.

After rubbing shoulders with the powerful he was arrested in October on charges of forgery, fraud and identity theft. Oh, and allegedly impersonating a member of the Spanish Intelligence Agency, the CNI.

Even from the age of about ten he managed to get himself noticed by the camera lenses of the press, so much so that you’re almost reminded of the WW2 Kilroy-Was-Here graffiti that proliferated all through Western Europe, North Africa and the Pacific.

Francisco combined his law studies with being at the right place at the right time so that amongst politicians and figures of authority, everybody recognized him but supposed that he was a contact/acquaintance of somebody else.

There are photos of him with the ex-PM, Aznar, the actual PM, Rajoy, cabinet members, royal family – you name it.

He allegedly promised business contacts; i.e., to be a go between, introducing businessmen to politicians and vice versa. He also leased luxury cars and even hired personal bodyguards to back up his ‘credentials.

Then came the 14th of October and he was arrested by Internal Affairs police officers – which was very odd in itself and only gave credence to his claims that he was working alongside the Spanish intelligence agency (Secret Service).

After being released after 72 hours he disappeared for a month and then appeared on a national private TV channel, Telecinco, to give an exclusive interview. He didn’t demand a fee, although such an appearance was bound to make viewing shares for the channel surge.

SPN Little NickyIn the interview he reaffirmed that he knew everybody and they knew him and promised that he had key evidence that would shake the pillars of power in Spain if it were to come to light, which it would, if anything were to happen to him.

The next day the Royal House, the Central Government and a whole host of other ‘mentioned names and establishments’ sent in official statements rejecting Nicolás’s claims and claiming that they don’t know who the hell he is.

Finally, the net abounds with ‘photoshopped’ joke photos – there’s even one of him with Hitler and Obama… but not all together, naturally.

Ay, Nicolás – en donde te has metido, chaval!

(News: Spain)

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