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Andalusia Elections Summary

The socialist polled the same amount of seats on the 22nd of March as the last regional elections, but unlike last time, they came in first – sounds a contradiction, but it’s not.

El Pequeño Nicólas

People know where Nicolás is from, Madrid, but everybody is asking how the hell he managed to get his photo taken with top politicians and even shook hands with the King Felipe VI at his recent coronation.

Rajoy A-7 Promise

Speaking today, he said, “we understand the importance of this route for Eastern Andalusia.” He went on to explain how the the missing autovia will be in place in 2015, not only that, but also that he would himself be at the inauguration.

Scotland & Catalonia

So, what does the Scotland ‘No’ vote mean for Catalonia? Well, in truth, not an awful lot really, but it has made the public in Catalonia (and many other countries worldwide) sit up and take notice. Particularly the ‘turnout’ figures.

Gas or Blood?

The UN is pressuring Spain not to hand over kazajstani dissident, Alexander Pavlov to this Central Asian Country, notorious for torture. The man had been arrested at Charmartín train station in Madrid in December 2012 and held since.

Incomprehensible Leniency

With the Central Administration taking broadsides from all directions over corruption and ideologically tainted laws, it’s now decided to make things worse for itself.