Authorities Hunt for Illegal Rural Accommodation

The Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional have so far processed 1,500 rural accommodation dwellings and have found 31 unregistered ones.

Apart from the 31 completely illegal rural houses/B&B’s that are rented out, they also came up with another 50 with legal issues.

According to the 2013 La Caixa Report, there were 24,717,345 overnight stays in the province that year, which sounds encouraging if it were not for the fact that 19,149,146 were not officially declared; i.e., they were in private flats and houses under the Taxman’s radar. This means that only 5.5m were in bona-fide hotels, hostals and B&B’s.

The Guardia Civil campaign, which began in June, is two phased: first phase locates illegal accommodation and “invites them” to sort their situation out. The second phase is when they return to make sure they have and if they have not, they are fined.

Probably what irks the police more – the Taxman has a different priority – is that fact that these illegal establishment obviously do not submit a daily list of who has spent the night there, as the law demands. For this reason such establishments are often chosen by people wanted on international arrests warrants to lie low.

In short, people looking to rent out rural accommodation use Internet to find suitable offers… but so do the Guardia Civil, but for different reasons.

If you advertise on Internet and you’re not completely legal, you might want to take that into consideration.

(News: Province of Granada)

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