Local Almuñécar/Herradura Builders not Happy

work on avenida de andalucia in almuñécar, granada“Sra. Herrera has still not responded to our request back in March for an interview,” lamented the Chairman of the AECSALH, Jesús Ruiz Cobos.

First of all, Sra. Herrera is the Mayor of Almuñécar and the AECSALH is a construction and services association for Almuñécar and La Herradura. Having cleared that up, on with the show…

The said association is mightily annoyed by the fact that the Town Hall has once again hired an outside company to do the work on the Avenida de Andalucia. This time it is Codepi-Vélez Construcciones, which has workers from Motril and Vélez de Benaudalla on its books, working on the Almuñécar construction site.

The Chairman puts down the Mayor’s decision to her double role as both the Mayor of Almuñécar and the Vice-Chairman of the Mancomunidad de Costa Tropical and the Alpujarra. The Vice-Mayor of Motril, by the way, is also the Chairman of the Mancomunidad – both politicians are from the same party; the PP.

The association feels doubly miffed because the money that is paying for the roadworks in Almuñécar comes from a special tax levied on the local water bills. The money, they feel, should have been used to create temporary jobs within the municipality.

It doesn’t matter, claims the AECSALH, whether it is pruning palms, street work in La Herradura or repainting the blue lines on the blue zones; outside companies are hired instead of local ones.

And on top of all this, Chairman Ruiz pointed out, the Mayor completely ignores their requests for an interview to deal with the problem.

Editorial comment: whilst one may sympathise with the said association concerning outside companies getting the local contracts, how would its members feel if other municipalities rejected their attempts to find work further afield for precisely the same reasons as their own, or do they only ever expect to find work within their home town, Almuñécar/Herradura?

(News: Almunecar/Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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