Handy Physiotherapist

AND handy psyo OnLThe Spanish Supreme Court has ratified the 6-year sentence for the physiotherapist who sexually abused two female patients.

The two incidents took place in Loja in 2008 when a patient decided to use the services of Juan Julian S.G. Juan asked the woman to remove her top and bra and immediately set about massaging her breasts, whilst he struck up a conversation concerning her underwear, whether she had a boyfriend and if they had sex.

That was in March and by May Juan had struck again. A woman had required his attention for a disc hernia and fibromyalgia. Juan decided to take her knickers down and insert his fingers into her vagina – a surprising course of action for a disc hernia… Unwilling to leave the woman ‘short changed’ in her physiotherapeutic session, he turned her over and massaged her buttock in the vaginal area.

Juan considered that his “presumption of innocence” right had been infringed during his original trial but, sadly for him, the Supreme Court judges did not share his opinion.

(News: Loja, Poniente de Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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