Saved by Johnny Foreigner!

Foreign tourists are and have been pouring into Spain, which not only brings in cash for the shaky Spanish economy, but it also makes up for the drop in internal tourism.

From January up to and including May, 4.4m Brits, 3.2m Germans, 3.0m Frenchies, 1.8m Scandinavians and 1.0m Italians have visited Spain. To those figures we can add 441.000 Americans, 826,000 Dutch people and 330 Russians in the same period. Whilst the Nordic and Russian tourists might be small fry compared with the traditional foreign tourists, they do spend 18% more than them.

Spain is still relatively cheap, despite the efforts of this Government that has pushed up taxes on anything that as much as blinks.

But without a doubt the deciding factor for these higher-than-normal figures is the unrest in Egypt. In fact, it is estimated that around 730,000 would-be visitors to that unfortunate country chose Spain as an alternative, primarily because Spain has the infrastructure in place to take on last minute surges, unlike most of its nearest competitors.

So cheer up because Los Guiris somos la hostia!

(News: Spain)