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Zero Debt Motril?

MOT Councillor Nicolas Navarro 400x250

Vice-Mayor and Councillor for Economía y Hacienda, Nicolás Navarro, announced that all indications show that Motril should reach zero debt during 2023.

Is There A Right Way?

AND Obligatory Masks

The Health Committee belonging to the Junta will announce this evening any changes produced by the new figures, which indicate a drop in contagion.

IMF Squeezes Spain Again

The International Monetary Fund might recognize that Spain economy is improving, but it is still wants more measures that will only cause more suffering from a crisis-weary population.

Saved by Johnny Foreigner!

Foreign tourists are and have been pouring into Spain, which not only brings in cash for the shaky Spanish economy, but it also makes up for the drop in internal tourism.

A Difficult New Year

We are looking forward to a new year facing economic difficulties, especially in Europe. Even the Nordic countries, which so far have done quite well in this climate of global economic downturn, are heading towards difficult times.

End of the World Finally

The infamous and utterly misunderstood Mayan calendar, according to some, has it that we will all go poof in a cloud of cosmic debris on December the 21st, 2012. While quite complicated, and conflicted owing to scientific analysis and other discoveries, the prediction, should it prove true, might be a blessing as 2013, at least for Spain, looks to be an even harsher year than 2012 will turn out to be. Will anyone be saved?

Economy Feature

As everyone, he worries about the Greek misery. Obviously they invented the tragedy and perform it in a very living way. The contamination to Italy and Spain however, is his heaviest sorrow.

Unemployment Woes

Now, onto more serious stuff; the latest economic data for Spain indicates a national unemployment rate approaching 20%. In Andalucía, it’s higher still, about 24%. And in Salobreña, the Mayor has just announced that we have at least 21% unemployment within our small community.

Marina Crisis

The ‘crisis’ is adversely affecting the pleasure craft industry, and the results of this problem are evident in Marina del Este, where there are more boats for sale than ever before.